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Emmanuel, God Has Come (New Song)

I pray the song becomes useful for us in this Christmas season, as we meditate on the mercy of God in the incarnation.

God Loves You, Deal With It

We are not at all pious for refusing God’s love because we insist that his standards are too low to let us in. His standards are the robes of Christ’s righteousness—they literally cannot be higher.

Theology and Corporate Worship

As a local church gathers for corporate worship, she is reciting her lines. She is playing her role. She is aligning herself with her reality in Christ—therefore corporate worship is nothing other than corporate theology practiced.

The Bible in Miniature

This prayer [Nehemiah 9:6-37], swinging like a saloon door on conjunctions like hinges, places God only and always on the side of faithfulness, and Israel only and ever on the side of faithlessness.

Beware of Sin

unconfessed sin will not behave itself or content itself with the margins of your life. We cannot tame Unconfessed sin, and we’re fools for thinking we can. Like a blackhole, it will suck every bit of you into nothingness until there is nothing left.

The Incarnation as Revelation

This mighty, infinite Creator God, actually put on flesh and stepped into the time and space he created. He wrote himself into the story he authored. He makes himself known not only with words and propositions, but with skin and fingernails, and I think that merits our attention in the heat of Summer just as much as during mid-December.

The Resurrection: Theology’s Secret Sauce

This resurrection of Jesus is the eucatastrophe. The archetypal eucatastrophe. More than that, it is the secret sauce to Christian Theology. In fact, Christian theology isn’t Christian without the resurrection!

Christian Scholarship: From the Church, For the Church

The responsibility of safeguarding the structural integrity of those fences is a responsibility bequeathed to the entire Church. And it will take the entire Church—scholar and Sunday School teacher alike—to fulfill this responsibility.

Ministry Update: Full-Time at Emmaus

The weight and privilege of pastoral ministry, which was shoved into the margins of my workweek, pulled at my affections. And every conversation I had about the value of theological training on pastoral ministry was a bittersweet reminder of what I could not spend my workweek doing.

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