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morning run

*A poem inspired by my morning run and Psalm 19* It happened this morning. After a run. Wet and fussy. Just out of breath—winded but not heaving. Neighborhood lit with grey glow— bright enough to be day, dim enough to... Continue Reading →


My Top 10 Books of 2017

This was a fairly productive year of reading for me (I think... it's actually the first year I've truly documented every entire book I've read so it's hard to tell what constitutes as "productive" for me). In general, I spent... Continue Reading →

On Congregational Lamentation (New Song)

If a Christian lamentation is nothing else, it is a longing gaze heavenward—it is a grief and discontentment for the present death and destruction that Adam’s sin occasioned, and it is the expectation for what God promised: that our eyes will be wiped of our tears and our broken hearts will be bound up. Christian lamentation is the shameless acknowledgement that things are not as they should be, and things are not as they will be.

Gospel Deeps from My Two-Week Old

On September 2nd, at 4:56am, my wife delivered our first child, Jonah Stephen. At the time I’m writing this, he is just over two weeks old. I’ve tried several times to put down into words what it’s like to hold... Continue Reading →

Corporate Confesssion

** This post was originally published on my old site in January, 2015 The very first of Martin Luther’s 95 theses was on repentance: “Our Lord and Master Jesus Christ, when he said [to repent], willed that the whole life of believers... Continue Reading →

The Intended End of All Christian Activity

**This post was originally published on my old site in May, 2014 About a year ago, I wrote a blog on worship, arguing that worship was an intelligible response to who God is, rather than a conjuring of “warm fuzzies.” I then... Continue Reading →

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