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Emmanuel, God Has Come (New Song)

I pray the song becomes useful for us in this Christmas season, as we meditate on the mercy of God in the incarnation.

Family Portraits – New Album

For those of you who follow this blog but not my other social media accounts, I recently recorded a short concept album called Family Portraits, featuring songs about my parents, siblings, children, wife, and church. Enjoy.

Jonah’s Song (A Father’s Day Post)

Here’s a song I wrote for my firstborn son, Jonah Stephen

(New Song) A Dirge for America

A dirge is a very sad song; it's a lament, a song of mourning. "A Dirge for America" is my effort to depict the sad state of our country; because this is a very sad period in American history. Let's just... Continue Reading →

My Christmas Rendition of “Hallelujah”

**This post was originally posted on my old site in December, 2013. I was asked to do a Christmas rendition of “Hallelujah” for my church’s Christmas eve service and was unhappy with the lyrics, so I decided to write my own Christmas... Continue Reading →

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