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Jonah’s Song (A Father’s Day Post)

**Here's a song I wrote for my firstborn son, Jonah Stephen. Lyrics: Son, oh my son, I know you'll grow tired of hearing it But I enjoy your very existence. I love you so much. Son, oh my son, you... Continue Reading →


Confess Your Disturbing Impulses Here

Where is the line for sin drawn? This is a question Christians are often occupied with for a number of reasons—some innocuous and some suspect. So, for example, where is the line for sexual sin? Is it the physical act... Continue Reading →

The Christian and Demon Possession

** This piece was originally written for--and posted at--The Christian Post.** Our Western conception of the world is far too shallow. We don’t reckon with the spiritual realities that mark the world in which we live. This is especially true... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Uneasy Conscience of Modern Fundamentalism – Carl F.H. Henry

Introduction In his 1947 work, The Uneasy Conscience of Modern Fundamentalism, Carl F. H. Henry (1913-2003) confronts what he perceives as an ethical indifference on the part of fundamentalism towards the evils of the larger society and world. Placed well... Continue Reading →

On Brokenness and Our Two-Speed Culture

He shows his love for us not by affirming our brokenness, but by receiving us while still in such a state, and then slapping an expiration date on it.

Album Review: Levi the Poet’s “Cataracts”

The presence of vanity, power-hunger, and braggadocios machismo is something that needs to be pointed out in my tribe. My Twitter feed needs to see the egg on its face. This is a prayer that we—me and my people—need: “Heavenly Father, I have no interest in selling doves for the market. Flip the tables. Braid the rope. Taper the whip.”

My Top 10 Books of 2017

This was a fairly productive year of reading for me (I think... it's actually the first year I've truly documented every entire book I've read so it's hard to tell what constitutes as "productive" for me). In general, I spent... Continue Reading →

My Top 9 Albums from 2017

Sure, I'll do it too. For what it's worth (which isn't much), here are my top 9 albums of 2017:

On Congregational Lamentation (New Song)

If a Christian lamentation is nothing else, it is a longing gaze heavenward—it is a grief and discontentment for the present death and destruction that Adam’s sin occasioned, and it is the expectation for what God promised: that our eyes will be wiped of our tears and our broken hearts will be bound up. Christian lamentation is the shameless acknowledgement that things are not as they should be, and things are not as they will be.

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