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Risk, Donuts, and Thriving Churches: How God is Growing His Church Unexpectedly in Denver

*I was recently commissioned to write several pieces for an SBC state convention. This story was particularly interesting to me so I thought I'd share it here. Englewood, CO – “We are ruthlessly biblical, to the point that it may... Continue Reading →

What Is “Christian Liberty”?

I am a 25 year-old Calvinist. Which means, most people in Christian circles would categorize “young, restless, and reformed." Unfortunately, outwardly speaking, I confirm all of the stereotypes one might have about a 25 year-old Calvinist: I do wear cuffed... Continue Reading →

Single Men, Consider the Single Mothers In Your Church

“I’m so happy for her!” my wife said as she looked at the glossy screen of her iPhone. We sat in our kitchen having a conversation that is, tragically, not very common: we talked about how a single mother was... Continue Reading →

Stricter Judgement for Justified Pastors?

“Not many of you should become teachers, my brothers, for you know that we who teach will be judged with greater strictness.” - James 3:1 If you are a pastor--or an aspiring pastor--you are most likely familiar with a number... Continue Reading →

What Is the Mission of the Church? – In Defense of Non-Weird Culture-Building

Kevin DeYoung and Greg Gilbert labor in What Is the Mission of the Church to bring some much needed balance to the “missional church” craze. It should be said that this book is framed within a large context of “missional... Continue Reading →

Praying Imprecatory Psalms Evangelistically

Recently, a dear friend and fellow church member of mine, Russel Meek, wrote a blog for For the Church on 4 Reasons to Preach Imprecatory Psalms; which is incredibly helpful, and I recommend it highly. Here, I would like to piggy-back off of... Continue Reading →

Corporate Confesssion

** This post was originally published on my old site in January, 2015 The very first of Martin Luther’s 95 theses was on repentance: “Our Lord and Master Jesus Christ, when he said [to repent], willed that the whole life of believers... Continue Reading →

The Intended End of All Christian Activity

**This post was originally published on my old site in May, 2014 About a year ago, I wrote a blog on worship, arguing that worship was an intelligible response to who God is, rather than a conjuring of “warm fuzzies.” I then... Continue Reading →

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