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My Top 9 Albums from 2017

Sure, I'll do it too. For what it's worth (which isn't much), here are my top 9 albums of 2017:


Guest Post: Desperate Anticipation

**This is a guest post from my dear friend, Brady Quarles. He was recently asked to produce a couple illustrations for a four-part blog series on Advent for my church, Emmaus. The blog series features an illustration, a poem, and a prose, all focused on different aspects of the theme of Advent. You can see the first post here. Brady’s description of his creative process was just too long to post there, and just to good to not post anywhere, so here it is, featured on this quiet little corner of the internet. Enjoy.**

On Congregational Lamentation (New Song)

If a Christian lamentation is nothing else, it is a longing gaze heavenward—it is a grief and discontentment for the present death and destruction that Adam’s sin occasioned, and it is the expectation for what God promised: that our eyes will be wiped of our tears and our broken hearts will be bound up. Christian lamentation is the shameless acknowledgement that things are not as they should be, and things are not as they will be.

Trinitarian Aesthetics: Beauty, Art, and Triune Harmony

I hope to get this paper published eventually, but I have told enough people about it justify at least post it as a draft. Click here to read the paper: Trinitarian Aesthetics: Beauty, Art, and Triune Harmony

Art and Objectivity, Part 2

A while back, I wrote a blog about art and its relation to objectivity, trying to get the ball rolling in a conversation that I think is worth having. I recognize that describing it as “getting the ball rolling” may... Continue Reading →

Art and Objectivity

Christians have a long-standing relationship with the concept of objectivity. Our apologetic efforts are shot through with absolute, objective truth arguments. Our morality hinges on the objective antithesis between sin and godliness. Our gospel is an objective and exclusive gospel; we... Continue Reading →

(New Song) A Dirge for America

A dirge is a very sad song; it's a lament, a song of mourning. "A Dirge for America" is my effort to depict the sad state of our country; because this is a very sad period in American history. Let's just... Continue Reading →

The Secret Layer of Humanity

**This post was originally published on my old site in December, 2013. At various points in my life, I get uniquely geeked out on different aspects of the nature or character of God. I suppose a way to explain this “geeked out”... Continue Reading →

My Christmas Rendition of “Hallelujah”

**This post was originally posted on my old site in December, 2013. I was asked to do a Christmas rendition of “Hallelujah” for my church’s Christmas eve service and was unhappy with the lyrics, so I decided to write my own Christmas... Continue Reading →

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