Samuel Parkison is a PhD student at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, where he earned his MDiv. He and his wife, (Shannon) and their two children (Jonah and Henry) live in Kansas City, where Samuel serves as Pastor of Teaching and Liturgy at Emmaus Church.

What you can expect to find:

A C A D E M I C S – Papers from a simple seminary student.
A R T – Poetry, music, visual arts; and writings on poetry, music, and visual arts.
C H U R C H – Writings on ecclesiology and liturgy.
C U L T U R E – Raging against the machine, tearing down strongholds, becoming all things, sojourning, being weak, speaking wisdom-folly, ambassador-ing, telling the powers that be where the power actually is, etc.
T H E O L O G Y – Two cents on the most sacred study known to man.