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May 2019

Revival and the Book of Nehemiah

I love this book because I hate the idea of talking about God through yawns. I shudder at the idea of being a bored Christian. Another way of saying this is that I long for revival—a revival that cannot be reduced to emotional manipulation or gimmicks or ear-tickling.

Envy and the Seminarian

If envy sets in, you will find yourself unable to rejoice with them or for them. You will find yourself pouting. Discontentment spreads, and the accomplishments of your friends begin to feel like personal injuries.

Beware of Sin

unconfessed sin will not behave itself or content itself with the margins of your life. We cannot tame Unconfessed sin, and we’re fools for thinking we can. Like a blackhole, it will suck every bit of you into nothingness until there is nothing left.

Family Portraits – New Album

For those of you who follow this blog but not my other social media accounts, I recently recorded a short concept album called Family Portraits, featuring songs about my parents, siblings, children, wife, and church. Enjoy.

The Incarnation as Revelation

This mighty, infinite Creator God, actually put on flesh and stepped into the time and space he created. He wrote himself into the story he authored. He makes himself known not only with words and propositions, but with skin and fingernails, and I think that merits our attention in the heat of Summer just as much as during mid-December.

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