**Here’s a song I wrote for my firstborn son, Jonah Stephen.


Son, oh my son, I know you’ll grow tired of hearing it

But I enjoy your very existence. I love you so much.

Son, oh my son, you have my face and my nature

That same bended posture of the heart

I’ll show you the one who can make straight

Watch as I cling to this all great

Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world

Son, oh my son, watch as I pray for favor

Watch as I praise while I suffer and know God is near

Son, oh my son, I can’t tell you your vocation

But I can tell you why you’re breathing, your purpose is clear

I’ll show you the song that the day sings

I’ll teach you the tune that the night rings

“Glory to God!” my boy, your heart was made for this

Son, oh my son, I will show you your Father

By being a much smaller version of Him

And when I fall, I won’t make excuses at all

I’ll show you a fountain of grace by binging on it

Follow me down this path that is well-worn

It’s cold but it leads to a new morn

Confession is death but it brings life after it

Son, oh my son, look at your beautiful mother

She’ll tell you I’m not her Savior (but I want to look like Him)

Son, oh my son, watch as I tell her I love her

See how I confess to her when I’m wrong

I’ll show you her scars I have given

She gave me her heart and I broke it

We brought it to Christ, he bound it up, now we speak of grace

Son, oh my son, watch as I feast on this bread

Watch as I drink from this cup, this body and blood is all I have

Son, oh my son, watch as I pour over this book

See that hungry, greedy look that’s in my eye

I’m desperate to find my Jesus

And Jonah, if you’ll believe it

He stands and he speaks to me from every Spirit-writ page

There’s magic in this world, son, don’t be fooled

It’s deeper than your eyes can behold

Glory is seeping from every pore of everything