I invite you to read for your own edification:

  1. It all sort of goes back to Thabiti’s article on why he plans to vote for Hillary this election.
  2. Doug then started a dialogue with a critique of Thabiti’s argument.
  3. Doug then wrote another critique of Wayne Grudem for his article endorsing Trump.
  4. Thabiti fires back with a thoughtful response to Doug’s initial article.
  5. Doug responds here.
  6. Thabiti responds here.
  7. Doug then offers a quick response here.
  8. Doug then offers a fuller response to Thabiti (after mulling over some of Thabiti’s exhortations) here.

I have been deeply encouraged by the recent back and forth between Thabiti Anyabwile and Douglas Wilson on the election, race, cultural engagement. What has been refreshing about these articles has been (1) the mutual effort to accurately understand one another’s position, (2) the honesty exemplified by both men, (3) the caliber of intelligent interaction they display, and (4) the humility that has been characteristic of the entire dialogue. Here you have two men, brilliant and witty and gifted on their own right, tackling some of the most volatile subject matter on the social table at the moment, while representing very different positions, yet interacting with charity, understanding, and humility. These men show how to listen, contemplate, sift with sobriety, and dismantle arguments, without ever attacking the person. They have been able to use words and lines of argumentation that would typically, under most circumstances today, inflame, mobbify, and “trigger,” and they have been able to do so without… how shall we say… allowing their undergarments to become knotted.

It goes without saying that the manner in which these two men have been able to deal with one another is unique for the internet, but (sadly) I also have to add that it is unique for Christians. I call your attention back to the recent Trinity kerfuffle to note the contrast. Thabiti and Doug have avoided non sequiturs, red herrings, and ad hominems, even though–and let’s be honest here–given his street cred, it would be much easier to call Doug Wilson a racist (right or wrong) than it is to call Bruce Ware a heretic.