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September 2015

Gospel Deeps from My Two-Week Old

On September 2nd, at 4:56am, my wife delivered our first child, Jonah Stephen. At the time I’m writing this, he is just over two weeks old. I’ve tried several times to put down into words what it’s like to hold... Continue Reading →

Calvinism Part 6: Preservation/Perseverance of the Saints

If God has predestined to save some from the foundation of the world, if he stepped into human history and shed his own blood to purchase them as a prized possession, and if he irresistibly applies that saving work in... Continue Reading →

Calvinism Part 5: Irrisistible Grace

As we approach the end of our journey through the TU[D]IP, we come now to the fourth petal of our lovely flower: Irresistible Grace. This doctrine identifies the essence of God’s sovereignty as it relates to the individual salvation of... Continue Reading →

Calvinism Part 4: Definite Atonement

The most infamous of the five points of Calvinism is certainly the third; namely, Limited Atonement. The very mention of it makes many cringe. To be sure, it is the toughest one to swallow, and if you ever meet a... Continue Reading →

Calvinism Part 3: Unconditional Election

So here we are; a race totally depraved, hostile to God and deserving of nothing less than eternal wrath. The only kind of love that God could possibly have for us at this point is an unconditional kind; a gracious... Continue Reading →

Calvinism Part 2: Total Depravity

This blog is the second part of a series on Calvinism. The first post can be found here. Total Depravity And so we arrive at the first petal of this glorious TULIP; Total Depravity. In theory, this might be the... Continue Reading →

Calvinism Part 1: A Big Theology for a Big God

A Word of Explanation As part of my pastoral residency at Emmaus Church, I am responsible this month for writing a position paper on the five points of Calvinism. I had intended to post the entire thing as a blog... Continue Reading →

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