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The Ten Commandments: A Book Review

My credobaptist brethren need not fear what I’m about to say: Peter J. Leithart shows us what it means to apply the Ten Words Christologically (notwithstanding his unseemly habit of calling unregenerate babies “Christians”).

Architect of Evangelicalism: a Book Review (Sort of)

Simply put, Carl F. H. Henry is the greatest theological mind the Baptists have ever known.

A Strong Conscience or Immaturity?

Maybe we’re fooling ourselves with all our talk of exegeting the culture. Maybe what’s really happening is not cultural engagement, but just good ‘ol fashioned cultural assimilation.

The Lord’s Prayer: A Guide to Praying to Our Father – A Review

It’s very short and accessible, and as a whole, very good. Wesley Hill is a gifted communicator; he is easy to read and winsome in his presentation.

Top 10 Books Read in 2019

Here's a list of the best books I read this year.

Bavinck’s Reformed Ethics: A Review

If ethics deals with the practices and behaviors and dispositions of “man,” then the question of his ontology is paramount. “What man is” determines “what man ought to do,” and one can make no sense of either consideration if man is abstracted from God.

No Fear, No Wisdom

Don’t presume that you are beyond succumbing to her invitations just because you may reject outright these explicit proverbs of Folly. She invites you implicitly and undercover.

Three Characteristics of Healthy Church Discipline

There is a tremendous weight of responsibility on churches, then, to wield the keys of the kingdom of heaven with care and responsibility. We dare not be callused or flippant with them, and we dare not refuse to use them.

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